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Solution To install ComparePress you need to download the plugin from the WordPress repository either direct here or go to Plugins > Add New within your WordPress Admin area and search for ComparePress. Once you have installed ComparePress , activate it by clicking on the Activate link and you will see something like this:

Activate ComparePress
After activation go so Settings > ComparePress and enter your ComparePress Affiliate Token and ID. NOTE: These are different to the automatic login details you were sent when you signed up. Once the Current Status chages to Validated you are ready to start setting ComparePress up.

Prefer videos?

Watch our installation video which shows you how to install ComparePress and get all 3 of the mobile phone widgets working:

ComparePress Installation

ComparePress Validation and Shortcodes

The following video shows you what happens when you have a full affiliate account with ComparePress and how to use the ComparePress shortcode system.

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