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URL Structure


By default the URLS on your site using the Mobile Phones Comparison module will be in the form:
These are perfectly adequate but maybe you would like to change that virtual directory name from compare-mobile-deals to something else?

Changing the default category name

The simple Mobile Deals url (slug) needs to be unique on your blog so our clever virtual comparison pages does not clash with any real content or categories you have already set up in Wordpress. The Unique deals URL Prefix can be changed by going to Settings > ComparePress > URL Settings and putting your chosen unique directory name in the box and clicking submit. Once you have done this go back to you home page and you will see ALL ComparePress links on your site now use this new name!

But I want to lose the ?phone= bit too :(

Ok so you want even prettier URLS? If you know what your .htaccess file is then you can customise the mobile phone deals output even more. The details of how to do this are outlined below but please do not venture further unless you are 100% comfortable with your .htaccess!

Go to Settings > ComparePress > URL Settings and type YES in the obvious box to do so then choose your new, prettier virtual directory name and put this in the box like this:


Once you have made these changes hit submit then go to the root of your WordPress site and find the .htaccess file.

Make a backup of this!!! Do this by opening it, saving it as .htaccess.bak then open the .htaccess and add the following on the line below RewriteBase / in your .htaccess file which should be near the top:

RewriteRule yourvalue/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/ ?phone=$1&manufacturer=$2&network=$3&contract_type=$4&minutes=$5&texts=$6&data=$7&line_rental=$8&sort=$9

RewriteRule yourvalue/(.*)$ ?phone=$1

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