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Extra click tracking information


Every click is recorded by our servers so we can accurately match click to any sales your site generates however we have had some requests to let ComparePress users monitor their own

Starting in ComparePress Version 2.0 the UK mobiles module now makes use of Google Analytics Event Tracking as detailed here. All outbound links now take the form of


onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Outbound Links', 'Click', 'handset_name-retailer']);"

NOTE: you will need Google Analytics to make use of this functionality!

Once set up data will automatically start populating the “Events” section of your Google Analytics dashboard.

To find this data go to “Content” > “Events.”  Below events, you’ll see the different types of event tracking reports available to you.

Clicking “Overview” gives you a look at the data your event tracking makes available.

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