How easy is it to install?

If you can install a WordPress Plugin you can have ComparePress up and running within 5 minutes – it really is that easy. If you want to add deals for a specific handset right in with your review of that handset then just need drop in one of the ComparePress shortcodes to add comparisons to a page or post.

E.g. ComparePress shortcode [showphones handsetid=’HTC Desire HD’ number=’1’]

[showphones handsetid=’HTC Desire HD’ number =’1′]

Prefer videos?

ComparePress Installation

Watch our installation video which shows you how to install ComparePress and get all 3 of the mobile phone widgets working:

ComparePress Validation and Shortcodes

The following video shows you what happens when you have a full affiliate account with ComparePress and how to use the ComparePress shortcode system.

Worried about conflicts etc?

ComparePress does not touch your existing theme’s files or CSS and is completely self contained plugin – it adds it’s price comparison magic via some clever virtual coding techniques we have developed and has been extensively tested on many WordPress blogs and sites around the World.