Service or plugin issues

This page will be updated with our repsonse to any serviceĀ  or plugin issues if some arise šŸ™

However if you spot something that is not here please report it at the following URL and we will get onto it ASAP.

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New version 0.6.9 to add nework filter

Added ability to filter deals via networks available. So can now just show deals on 3, orange, o2, vodafone, t-mobile, virgin
e.g. [showphones handsetid =’Sony Ericsson Satio Black’ network=’orange’] will show all Satio black deals on Orange
e.g. [showphones handsetid =’Sony Ericsson Satio Black’ network=’o2′ number =’5’] will show top 5 cheapest deals on O2

New version 0.6.5 to add number of results filter

Added ability to control number of results shown when using shortcodes. To restrict the number of results for ANY of the shortcode results simply add number=’x’ to the end:

  • e.g. [showphones handsetid=’sony ericsson satio black’ number=’5′]

New version 0.6.4 to fix deal search bug

Tonight we came across a bug that affected some sites that don’t use the nicest .htaccess url structures and as a result we have patched this (within 30 minutes!) and you should see an option to upgrade ComparePress later this evening automatically to 0.6.4.

If this doesn’t happen I would suggest disabling ComparePress, deleting it and adding it again (0.6.4).