Mobile Phone Deals

We are pleased to showcase a new mobile phone comparison site powered by our WordPress Price Comparison plugin ComparePress called Mobile Phone Deals.

Mobile Phone Deals is replacing our own test site Google Phone Deals and will showcase the latest mobiles module functionality as well as being the place to visit if you want to keep up to date with the latest mobile phone news.

ComparePress Version 1.0 is due to be released within the next 2 weeks but we have detailed some of the new features below and which you will see on mobile phone deals a few days before launch:

  1. All the mobile module widgets are now multiple widgets meaning you can have the best selling, latest and deal search widgets on your blog as many times as your widgetised theme allows!
  2. Geo Targeting / IP Filtering – There are now 2 tick boxes to allow you to show Mobile Widgets to UK Visitors only and / or display ComparePress mobile shortcode output to UK Visitors. In simpler terms this means if your site or blog is primarily targeting a non UK market BUT you have a lot of UK traffic hitting your site the you can show the deal search, top and best selling widgets to UK users only who are the users who are likely to buy. Anyone outside the UK will simply not see these widgets and therefore no know you even have UK mobile phone comparisons on your site.
  3. Separate mobile phone deals template – We have now added a hook that will look in your current WordPress theme directory for a compare-press-fake-page.php file which if present ComparePress will use to display your deals instead of the standard single.php file. This means you can now display the deals on a special page maybe that is full width, has special sidebars set up to show deals related widgets – the possibilities are endless!
  4. Fake mobile phone deals category for breadcrumb navigation – This means if your site has a breadcrumb navigation (great for SEO / users) then instead of the following appearing as it would do now:  Home > HTC Desire HD Deals you can create a page with all the phones on or a page explaining the deal system and have the following breadcrumb navigation: Home > Deals > HTC Desire HD Deals where the Deals breadcrumb link is your chosen fake Mobile Deals url. You can see this in action now here: HTC Desire HD Deals
  5. Ajax deals filtering – This is the biggest change to the mobiles module as each individual handset deal pages will now allow users to filter deals on each handset by moving sliders, clicking on a network name / logo etc without having to reload the page or use the Deal search widget!
  6. Much more which we will details upon launch!

Finally the theme used on mobile phone deals is custom theme developed by our parent company The Blog House LTD and is not for sale 🙂 however we would be more than happy to talk to you about any WordPress Theme Design work you might want.