About ComparePress

How can we give away our plugin?

ComparePress takes all the hassle and stress of managing affiliate accounts, working with product feeds, not to mention the small matter of turning any CSV & XML data files you do manage to get into some form of logical structure and getting it into a state where people might actually want to use it on the web and more importantly buy something!

For all this effort we offer two versions of most of the price comparison modules within ComparePress:

  1. Free modules – these modules are 100% free for you to use. We simply take a small percentage of any commissions that the price comparison sites and merchants are willing to offer ComparePress and our affiliates and then offer you a flat commission rate based on the average commission rates we can expect that month. You get paid automatically via your registered PayPal email address for any commissions that are owed to you and which have been released by the affiliate networks.
  2. Premium modules – these modules are priced at a flat rate of £99 and give you full access to every feature we have developed for that module AND you get 100% of the commission rates / splits we have negotiated with the price comparison sites and merchants. The commission rates we can negotiate with merchants and price comparison sites are likely to be higher than you as an affiliate could get direct due to our reputation and size!

Both options come with full support via our online support area with it’s trackable ticket system and access to the knowledgebase where since soft launching in 2010 we have answered 100’s of questions and added extensive documentation! We even have representatives from the price comparison sites we work with working in the support area so you can get answers quickly and easily.

How is the Commission Rate worked out?

The commission rates we offer you are based on a per sale basis (PPA).

Each ComparePress module has different commission rates or click sharing ratios and each retailer featured within that module will offer us different commission rates but the simplified commissions we are currently offering for the free ComparePress UK Mobile Phones module are:

  • £20 per sale at retailers who offer us a per sale commission
  • £10 per application at retailers who offer us a per application commission
  • £10 per mobile broadband sale
  • £3 per PAYG sale

For those upgrading to the £99 premium mobile module commission rates go up to £100 in some cases with bonus tiers available based on the number of sales you get!

Who are ComparePress then?

ComparePress is a new WordPress price comparison system built and owned by The Blog House Limited. We are currently a small team of web designers. programmers and affiliate marketing experts based up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. We have some big ideas and some even bigger ambitions to shake up the affiliate marketing sector around the World. ComparePress is breaking down the affiliate marketing barriers here in the UK in order to get you earning a fairer share of any money that can be generated from YOUR content.

Not from the UK?

International users that want to target the UK mobile phone affiliate market are welcome to sign up and use our system however please be aware all our current modules are UK focussed however we have several affiliates earning £100’s per month but based internationally.

If you are from outside the UK and would like to discuss any opportunities to get your comparison service, niche site or business featured on ComparePress for our international users then get in touch.

Will we run off with your commission money?

No. We have been working in the UK affiliate marketing sector for over 8 years in various capacities and have gained a great deal of trust and respect from some of the most respected ‘super affiliates’ who have entrusted us with their server administration, web design, consultancy and top secret information. Also our business model is built on the premise that we will only ever pay you for sales that have already been generated by your site(s) and that we have already received the commissions for, meaning you can’t be overpaid and we can’t make false promises to overpay pay you, ever.

Still not convinced?

Well this site has everything on that we think anyone could ever need or want in order to start working with us but if you have a special question or proposal get in touch and we will be happy to chat to you further.