ComparePress Version 2.0 Live

I have finally managed to get ComparePress version 2.0 out of the door and it is now available via WordPress direct here or simply search for ComparePress within your own WordPress site’s plugins area.

NOTE: I strongly advise you to deactivate and then delete any version of ComparePress you have prior to version 2.0 as this version is substantially different to previous versions.

The standard UK mobiles module has lots of new functionality built in but there is also a premium version for a one off payment of £99 per site that also gives you 100% of the commissions (who provide the mobile phone data) make available to us. This could mean you earn up to £100 per sale compared to £20 per sale with the standard version however please see when logged into for further details of the differences later this week as well as how to get access to the premium version.

Also it is likely premium members will get access to any new ComparePress functionality before standard plugin users however these plans have not been fully finalised yet.

To see the new version of the UK mobiles module fully functioning check out which is now 100% powered by WordPress + ComparePress.

In other module news, the UK Video Games price comparison module is nearly finished and I am aiming to get ComparePress version 2.1 with the full games module pushed out by this time next week.

As ever if you have any questions, ideas or need help please get in touch here:





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