Start earning REAL money from YOUR content today!

ComparePress is a revolutionary new WordPress Plugin we have developed to try and put YOU back in control of the valuable content on YOUR WordPress powered blog or site. If you are sick of getting a few pence or cents per click that other advertisers (maybe even competitors) are paying for on YOUR site then we can put you back in control and making £20 or $30 per sale from YOUR traffic.

How easy is it to install?

If you can install a WordPress Plugin you can have ComparePress up and running within 5 minutes – it really is that easy. Apart from the initial ComparePress widgets, if you want to add deals for a specific handset right in the middle of your review of that handset then just need drop in one of the ComparePress shortcodes to add inline deals comparisons to a page or post.

E.g. ComparePress shortcode  [showphones handsetid=’Apple iPhone 4 16GB black’ number=’1’]

[showphones handsetid=’Apple iPhone 4 16GB black’ number =’1′]

How do you get your commissions?

ComparePress will ask for your PayPal email address during sign up and as long as you don’t misTpye this you will automatically be paid any commissions that you have generated from the previous month by the end of the following month. No invoices to send, no personal bank details to provide and you are free to turn off ComparePress at any time if it doesn’t work for you.

Why use ComparePress?


  • Puts YOU back in control of how you make money on YOUR blog or site
  • Keeps your users engaged and on your site for longer compared to text ads
  • Makes YOUR site stand out amongst your competitors
  • Attracts new users to your site – 100s of pages of new SEO price comparison data can only increase your site’s visibility
  • Creates a whole new revenue stream – mobile commissions starting at £20 / $30 per sale

Whose using ComparePress?

Sites using ComparePress can be seen within our showcase area but here are some direct links for you to click too:

  • – We set up a whole new sub domain for Gears and the guys at the popular Coolsmartphone site to run a standalone ComparePress powered mobile phone comparison site. As well as installing & configuring WordPress we also created a custom WordPress theme and optimised the ComparePress UK Mobile Phones Module for them. Read more…
  • Mobile Phone Deals – A WordPress site set up and using the ComparePress UK Mobile Phones Module. The site uses a custom free WordPress Theme. Read more…