Coolsmartphone is one of the most popular sites on the web for smart phone news, reviews and was recently listed as the second most important smartphone blog to watch. We approached Gears and the team with an early test version of ComparePress to get their thoughts on the system and after a great reaction we worked with them to fine tune the mobile phone module up until they launched the first site in the World to use the final ComparePress release version on February 9th 2010.

Their ComparePress install is based on a standalone WordPress install in the sub folder and as such the mobile phone comparison system is completely self contained, only pulling in content from their existing¬† ‘main’ site where we tell it too. Gears or Leigh as he is also known offline had this to say about ComparePress:

I would recommend ComparePress to anyone who is sick of losing out on the true worth of their site or blog. By using ComparePress we have created a whole new revenue stream that can be invested back into the site to ensure that it continues to grow and keeps our users happy.
Leigh, Coolsmartphone

If you are a WordPress virgin and would like to talk to us about setting up a self containes sub domain style ComparePress system get in touch.