Soft Launch of ComparePress

Thanks for signing up for a ComparePress account and trying the plugin we have spent a looooong time developing.

Like everything, the first release of the plugin probably has a few things you would like to change so if this is the case feel free to add your thoughts to the comments below for others to see and for us to track.

We look forward to helping you get as much of the money your WordPress blog or site can generate as possible!

4 thoughts on “Soft Launch of ComparePress”

  1. Superb software..

    Possible function addition..

    Ability to add limit to number of products displayed within shortcode tags… as some will show masses of products and look a mess..

  2. Random Content Widget..

    I wondered if this would be possible.. ?

    : A widget or token/tag that can be placed within post or page “content” to produce random phones linking to their product page..
    : Abilty to set number of handsets.
    : Ability to add “snippet” of product description and choose how many charachters/letters the snippet would contain.

    This would be great because the 3 random “snippets” would combine on the page to add a small amount of unique content, also if you built say 50 pages of your own content then new models of phone would always be added. You would never have old products on such pages and Google would keep coming back due to the random phones changing.

    Just a thought…

  3. This is a just an update of feature requests for the next update of the mobile phone module. If there is someting else you would like to see then please feel free to add it to these comments.

    * Ability to show all the handsets on a particular network
    * Ability to increase or decrease the number of deals shown on the phone deals pages e.g. currently default to 10 deals

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